We continue to work under the advisement of the venue, our security team, and the Metropolitan Police Service. With their guidance, we have implemented a number of additional security measures. These changes may seem inconvenient or deviate from our usual policies, but they are done to protect everyone participating.

Our Updated Bag Policy: Standard handbags, totes, and messenger bags are allowed, but may not exceed 40cm x 50cm. No backpacks, duffle bags or suitcases will be permitted. Clear bags of ANY size (excluding backpacks) will be permitted. Diaper bags and bags for medical equipment or needs that exceed these dimensions are generally allowed but may be searched and in rare circumstances may be prohibited at the discretion of security. Each attendee may bring multiple bags that meet the above criteria. ALL approved bags will be searched through a pre-entrance bag check.

In order to minimize any inconvenience this may cause you, we have increased our indoor queuing area and have ordered thousands of large clear bags that will be available for belongings and purchased items. These will be provided to you free of charge at Will Call on Friday, or once you’ve entered the event.

We understand many of you are traveling and have luggage with you, and encourage you to utilize your hotel’s concierge service (typically available all day the day you check out) or off-site public lockers where available. If deemed necessary by security or law enforcement, pat downs may be performed in accordance with established venue and local law enforcement practices.

Cosplay Policy: Real weapons of any kind are expressly forbidden on the premises. This includes all firearms and airsoft guns. No fake guns of any kind or design will be allowed inside the venue. All other cosplay weapons must be made of plastic, resin, or foam. Crossbows must be unstrung. We strongly advise attendees not to bring replica weapons as part of their costume, as there is a possibility that this will slow down your access and your weapon may be confiscated.

Liquids Policy: We’re happy to report that after speaking with our venue and security team in depth, we will be allowing sealed beverages and other liquids (medications, etc) inside the venue. Opened containers or reusable water bottles will be subject to additional screening. 

We have enhanced our already vast security and police presence to aid in these extra measures and in order to move through the line as quickly as possible, but we do suggest preparing for longer queuing times to enter the event.

Thank you again for your continued patience and support. We will be in touch with additional details as they become clear. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, we are here for you.


The Fan Fest Family

Fan Fest arrives to revolutionize the comic con landscape

Hayley Atwell
Peggy Carter, Agent Carter
Brandon Routh
Ray Palmer, Legends of Tomorrow & Superman, Superman Returns
Richard Brake
The Night King, Game of Thrones & Joe Chill, Batman Begins
Jessica Lucas
Tabitha, Gotham

What is Heroes and Villains? We bring the stars of today’s comic inspired television shows & movies to you! From Agents of SHIELD to Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ve got it! Best of all? You won’t just meet superheroes…you’ll become one! Fly on our free zip line, or practice your skills with safe archery! Climb our velcro wall like Spiderman, or test your agility on our inflatable obstacle course! There’s something for everyone!

I’ve been to many, many conventions, but I’ve never had the kind of personal experiences I’ve had at Heroes & Villains. I was blown away by how much time every single actor spent with us fans. They truly wanted to talk to us, tell us how much they appreciate us, not just sign a picture and send us on our way.Heroes & Villains was, hands down, the BEST con I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait for this year!

-Jamie M., A 2016 Attendee


Six months saving, eight hours in the car one way, and four months of autism therapy to get her okay with crowds… was all worth it for that picture. Stephen was the epitome of humbleness, grace, class, and kindness. My daughter still speaks so highly of him and our experience at our first con. And that picture? It is the only picture I have in which she is both looking at the camera AND smiling.

– Ashley H., A 2016 Attendee

I got to shoot arrows with Stephen Amell! I was at the archery booth and skimmed the bottom of the target. Then I heard someone say, “That doesn’t count.” I look next to me and there he was. Stephen Amell. Green Arrow. I couldn’t believe it. He then asked to see the bow. I gave it to him of course. He drew the bow back, and then shot. He missed the first one. He looked at me and smiled. He said it was easier on the show. I laughed, but was still in shock. I was shooting a bow with Green Arrow. He shot the second arrow and hit it dead on. He then shook my hand and introduced himself. This will by far go down as one of the greatest weekends of my life!

– J.J. D., A 2016 Attendee


During the Ladies of Arrow panel, the girls briefly discussed the importance of being true to yourself, that we are all beautiful just the way we are, and to not let anyone say different. What an amazing message to give especially for the younger attendees who need to hear that type of thing from their heroes.

– Tiffannie L., A 2016 Attendee

I loved being surrounded by so many people who are just as in love with these shows and these people as I am. I remember sitting in line waiting for my photo op with Stephen and Robbie and having a great conversation with the girls in line by us. I am not a naturally social person, but it was so easy to be social and talk to people at Heroes & Villians because we were all there for the same thing, to celebrate and support the wonderful actors that we all love. I cannot wait to come back this year!

Allegra P., 2016 Attendee