Fan Fest arrives to revolutionize the comic con landscape


What is Heroes and Villains? We bring the stars of today’s comic inspired television shows & movies to you! From Agents of SHIELD to Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ve got it! Best of all? You won’t just meet superheroes…you’ll become one! We have immersive experiences like safe archery and more! There’s something for everyone!

My favorite memory is Paul Blackthorne taking a picture of my husband’s tattoos and putting them on his Facebook page! My husband has a tattoo on each arm representing each one of our sons, and he actually called us over to his booth to look at them. It was surreal, because everyone was trying to get pictures with him and he was taking a picture of US. Such an amazingly nice guy!

– Laurie H., A Chicago 2016 Attendee


My favorite moment wasn’t really a moment. Heroes and Villains was my first con ever. Being surrounded by like-minded folks and taking in the art and excitement. It was an amazing experience! I can’t wait to come back this year. I even have a cosplay I’m getting ready!

Amanda W., Chicago 2016 Attendee

My favorite memory? Meeting the absolutely stunning Willa Holland last year. She was so down to earth and made the 2 minutes I talked to her seem like days. Willa was in no rush to finish the conversation and made me feel like I was King of the World. I will always treasure that moment.

Rogeno M., Chicago 2016 Attendee


Lunch in the green room was off the charts. Charlotte Ross tapping me on the shoulder to grab a napkin, Danielle Panabaker all excited about the fajitas, turning around to find Robin Lord Taylor just chilling at the next table…indescribable!! To be so close to these amazing actors and having to control my inner geek and act normal was difficult. While on the inside I was having the biggest freak out of my life. High on life!

– Tiffannie L., A Chicago 2016 Platinum Attendee