It’s Not Just Fandom. It’s Family. 

Fan Fest arrives to revolutionize the comic con landscape

What is Heroes and Villains? We bring the stars of today’s comic-inspired television shows & movies to you! From Flash to the Marvel Comic Universe, we’ve got it! Best of all? You won’t just meet superheroes…you’ll become one! Train to leap tall buildings on our free bungee jumper, or practice your skills with safe archery! There’s something for everyone!
“This was my first time attending any convention.My favorite memory would definitely have to be getting a piggyback ride from Stephen Amell! He was so silly about it and even after our Photo Op was over, he kept me on his back and starting bending all the way over to the point I had a death grip on him. Then Emily Bett Rickards started saying ‘Squats, squats!’ And of course, Stephen then started doing some squats (all while I was still on his back) before he finally said ‘Oops sorry, my bad!’ And dropped me back to the ground and gave me a hug. Definitely a memory I will never forget.”
– Tarrin H, 2018 Attendee
“My all-time favorite moment was meeting Josh Segarra. I told him that Adrian Chase being revealed as Prometheus killed my soul, and he immediately started laughing. We talked for a bit and laughed even more. We took our selfies and he held up my autograph and said “I wrote ‘thanks for the laughs’ because you truly have made my day.” I started to apologize for being loud and over the top but he grabbed me by my shoulder and said “Never apologize for who you are, because you are awesome.” I hugged him and thanked him for being so kind. He was perfection.”
– April T, 2018 Attendee
Thanks to Heroes & Villains, I can officially say that I have fist bumped Mary Poppins [aka Yondu aka Michael Rooker] with the Infinity Gauntlet!
– Danial W, 2018 Attendee