It’s Not Just Fandom. It’s Family. 

What is Heroes and Villains? We bring you the stars of today’s comic-inspired television shows & movies! From Flash to Marvel, we’ve got it!

Best of all? You won’t just meet superheroes…you’ll become one! Train to leap tall buildings on our free bungee jumper, or practice your archery skills! There’s something for everyone!

Fan Fest events let attendees embrace their darker side and immerse themselves in the horror and sci-fi shows they love. Having Walker Stalker across the hall from Heroes & Villains offers a whole other fandom to engage with, for the price of one ticket.

 What apocalyptic goodness will you find in the Walker Stalker Event Hall? We’ll bring the actors you love from The Walking Dead, and so much more! From panels to vendors, themed photo areas to inflatable obstacle courses and kid zones, you’ll experience the apocalypse in a whole new way!
“I have major social anxiety, but for some reason when I put on my super suit, my nerves just dissipated. I was able to talk without stuttering and make new wonderful friends. My cousin points out a little girl in an Elsa costume holding a photo of Spiderman and pointing at me. I ran up to her, asked for a picture, taught her how to thwip, and she was just in awe. Seeing her big smile made me realize why I love cosplaying and cons. Sure, meeting your all-time role model is amazing but it is the squeals of children when they see their favorite comic book or fairytale character come to life that makes all the money spent on fabric, fingers pricked by needles, and countless hours putting on finishing touches worth it.”
-Molibé A,  San Jose 2017 Attendee
“It is hard to pick a favorite memory because every memory is a great one but if I had to pick to just I would say seeing our little Oliver with Stephen Amell was definitely a favorite. Stephen was so amazing and kind with Ollie. Stephen even took Ollie over to his wife, Cassandra, to introduce him. This is one of my absolute favorite photos from the weekend and the memory of the whole interaction still makes me smile.”
– Carrie B,  San Jose 2017 Attendee
“Heroes and Villains is a wonderful gift to us diehard fans. I have had far too many amazing experiences to write them all down. I have met so many wonderful fans and the celebrities are top notch, amazing people. I just can’t say enough good things about the entire convention. I make it a point to come every year to San Jose and have even gone to Chicago. I can’t imagine this ever ending. I love you guys.
– Theodora M,  San Jose 2017 Attendee
“My favorite moment was during the Women of Arrow panel. My daughter had a question planned and she waited in line patiently. She almost didn’t get to ask it, but staff was able to squeeze her in last. She asked the ladies how they focus while they work. She was so excited to have them answer and I was so proud of her. She has really taken in their advice and is working on her breathing when she wants to focus and we keep hearing her mention little tips on focusing this week while she gets ready for school.”
-Marisol L,  San Jose 2017 Attendee
“Sunday morning, a little girl saw me in my Deadpool mask and asked me if she could have a hug. She couldn’t have been more than 6 or 7 years old. Her mother said she hasn’t seen the movie, but just LOVES Deadpool. This tiny little sweetheart hugged me like I was her best friend that she hadn’t seen in years. I joked that I was lucky for my mutant healing ability because she might have crushed my ribs! I took one of the pins off my lanyard and handed it to her. The joy on her face was so heartwarming. As amazing as all of the celebrities were, that was my favorite part of the weekend.”
– Brandon L,  San Jose 2017 Attendee
“My daughters favorite moment was meeting Wild Dog aka Rick Gonzalez. She was extremely shy during the meet and greets but he asked her all kinds of questions about her Hulk figurine and the new Thor movie and she just loved that! He was so sweet and took a silly face picture with us – those are her favorite kinds of pictures!”
-Marisol L,  San Jose 2017 Attendee